Omg I love it!!! Where did you get her suit? We are going to New York next week and I saw its freezing!!!!!

@lila_marie6 thanks love!! it is freezing and next week i believe theres supposed to be snow and rain! i got it from once upon a child i didnt wanna spend a whole bunch of money when we wont use it more then the time were here. lol

@jovibaby_jai omg I saw that!!!! It says like 7 degrees and like 60% snow chance. I'm exciting but freaking out lol. That is how I am feeling too because you know Florida never gets crazy cold for all the New York cold attire lol. She looks so cozy I love it! Did you put clothes underneath the suit? Is it covered hands and feet?

@lila_marie6 definitely get gloves and hates and shell need something like this for sure. it covers her hands and her feet and i have long sleeve clothes underneath but no shoes since it covered. u may even wanna look into getting like a scarf so it can cover her cheeks cuz alinas cheeks are almost lile burned from how cold it is 😬

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